Mariah Carey Receives Millions From Ex-Fiance

Who knew that you could walk away with a chunk of your ex’s riches in less than a year, even if you hadn’t ever tied the knot and there weren’t any kids in the mix? 

Mariah Carey's lawyers were on top of their game! (or her lawyers) did though. 

James Packer and Mariah broke up in October 2016. Their split was a bit of a headache to follow actually. Mariah apparently felt that the billionaire had used her. The couple was able to sort out a deal months ago; they claim that the 50-year-old casino mogul gave the diva millions of dollars. Something between $5 to $10 million, apparently. 

This also includes the gigantic engagement ring he gave her which she still occasionally wears.

Mariah initially demanded 50 million dollars!

There haven’t been any official confirmations on the money front from either camp yet, but you never know; they could both be trying to keep this story under wraps. Or it could be nonsense. We shall see.

Mariah previously insisted that she had “uprooted” her life in New York to move to Los Angeles in order to be with James. This move impacted her bottom line, as she supposedly subsequently canceled parts of her South American tour.



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