Diddy May Want Kids With Cassie

Diddy may already have six kids, but during a recent radio interview the 48 year old music mogul says that he would have no problem having a few more.

Diddy already has a few baby mamas (Misa Hylton, Kimberly Porter, and Sarah Chapman), but for these next two kids he says he’d only have them with his girlfriend of 10-years, R&B singer Cassie.

Speaking of Diddy’s family dynamic, he also opened up about the relationship between the mothers of his children and his girlfriend.

“You have to take care of everybody. If everybody is happy and you taking care of them and you respecting them, you can have a meeting like I had. I had a ‘Can we all just get along?’ meeting. It’d be better for all of us.”

“That probably just happened this year, with everybody, with the whole squad. “You have to start to treat your family like a tribe if you have other mothers of your children. The separatism starts to wear on the family as a whole. We all in it together. So, we might as well figure out how to co-exist, and they get along lovely.”

“Everything is good. They’re good people and Cassie is a great woman” says Diddy.

Does this mean Diddy could be fathering more kids? Guess time will tell!



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