Join The Movement To End Premature Births

The chance for my family to represent the city of Boston in this year's March For Babies campaign is the most amazing thing that has happened for myself and family. My 6 year old daughter Sarah is a true champion and I believe that our 97.7 family will show Boston how we care and root for each other. There is strength in numbers..and the numbers will be incredible by time of the May 12th March For Babies Event.

Me, my wife Regina, and Sarah (my oldest daughter will be in final exams at college that weekend) will kick off the ceremony by telling our story and family mission to eliminate pre-mature births. We will then release the balloons and kick off the walk at North Point Park.

I invite you to join and to read our story about our incredible daughter who is beating her diagnosis everyday with joy.

 Our Team 97.7 page is up and ready for you to be part of the movement here!

Thank You in Advance!



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