Anonymous $1's Day is Here!

Today we are having an "Anonymous 1's Day". This is where we encourage $1 donations for our March For Babies team. We believe that our 97.7 family is theeeee most loyal, loving, and down to earth people. 

Let's show Boston how the 97.7 community comes together to make something BIG happen!

KJ, his wife Regina, and their daughters Ayana and Sarah are Boston's 2018 Ambassador Family for The March of Dimes/March For Babies Campaign. The walk is Saturday May 12th at North Point Park. KJ's family will share their story and kick off the walk. It's going to be a great day when we get to share this 97.7 movement with EVEN MORE of Boston!

Various "Anonymous 1's" comments will be read on air throughout The Morning Wake Up on Thursday/Friday!

Check out the story about KJ's daughter Sarah who was born nearly 4 months prematurely.

Be an "Anonymous 1" (share with the family and friends as well) 

Here's our 97.7rnb team page: Team977RnB


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