...And Then There Were Two!

I'm already excited for the nest R&B Madness..where there will be some new faces and mixed with some of the ones from this competition. People are already talking about potential showdowns that create for great water cooler talk!

Michael Jackson has had NO problem in his ascent to the Last 2..The Isley Brothers gave him only real challenge in his second round matchup.

That's not the case for Patti LaBelle. Patti upset the #1 seed New Edition in her second round match up, and then proceeded to defeat Aretha Franklin to get to the finals. Not an easy road at all!

So, here we are, the last two in R&B Madness..with the winner to be retired to Boston's R&B Ring of Honor..never to be challenged on their greatness!

Here's how The Great 16 of R&B Bracket Looks:

Photo Credits: Getty Images


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