April 5th, 1968..James Brown Day

When I first arrived in Boston, I noticed that WGBH's TV studios were literally next door.

My boss at the time was amazed that I was amazed about the tv station being right there.

I asked him "Did you know that James Brown did a show at the Garden the day after Dr. King was assasinated?"

He said, "Oh wow, I did not know that!"

I said" It may have been one of the biggest things Boston did right..by NOT cancelling the concert..AND having televised for FREE to Boston..on a loop!"

He said "How do you know this?"

My reply: "Some believe it was James Brown's most important show in his entire career.."

My former boss was pleasantly stunned.

Below, you can re-live or see for the first time..possibly the most important concert in the history of Boston.

April 5th 1968. James Brown Day in Boston..

Or at least it should be..




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