Jaçie Calixte

The New 97.7 Woman of the Week - Week of June 11, 2018

Name: Jaçie Calixte

From: Boston, MA

About The Woman Of The Week: Jaçie is an upcoming artist originally from Boston Massachusetts. She grew up in a Haitian household as the creative child out of 6 siblings. She was exposed to the arts through her parents love for music and theatre. Her father sang in a Haitian band called, “Shamba,” and her mother was an actress on a Haitian Soap Opera. As she started singing at the age of three in the church choir, her interest in music quickly developed. Through her gift for music, she was selected to be a part of a musical program called, Project Step, where she learned to play the violin. Then on, she pursued singing because that had always been her greatest passion. With the support of her family, Jaçie was able to increase her exposure by performing at fundraiser events for churches and earthquake relief for Haiti.

After singing covers for a few years, Jaçie realized that she had many stories to tell, thus the start of her songwriting. Jaçie uses her newfound songwriting skills to create a response song to one of her favorite Haitian songs by Alan Cavé called “Can’t Do This To Me,” and named it, “Better Without You”. After writing a few Kizomba songs, Jaçie decided to not restrict her sound to one genre. Now she focuses on writing music to the soundtrack of her life. Jaçie is currently based in New York. With her transition, she plans to continue with the work she started in her hometown. Now her music’s focus is to reflect her life through exploring various genres and sounds, taking with her the sounds that she loved while being a Kizomba artist. Jaçie currently has a vlog series called “Life of an Upcoming Artist” on Youtube where her fans can follow her journey. You can also find her on all social media platforms @Jacieworld.

Favorite 97.7 Artists: Whitney Houston, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown 

Jaçie's Song Pick: Lauryn Hill - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"


Congratulations to Jaçie Calixte, our New 97.7 Woman Of The Week!
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