Maury Povich Invites Drake On Show For DNA Test

(Photo By: Aaron M. Sprecher/AFP/Getty Images)

Maury Povich wants to help Drake out with his secret baby and potential baby mama drama. Ever since rapper Pusha T told the world that Drake had an unknown newborn son, many fans have been waiting for Drake to confirm the news. 

However, Drake has yet to do so. Instead, his dad, Dennis Graham, told TMZ that he had "no idea" what they were talking about when he was asked about his secret grandson. A little while after that, Drake did comment on Instagram that he was going through some personal things that no one knew about. He didn't elaborate any further. 

Here's where Maury comes in. TMZ recently caught up with the famed talk show host about Drake's dilemma and asked him if he would ever consider bringing him on to his show for a DNA test with his alleged child. Maury goes on to say that he wouldn't mind doing a celebrity edition of his program.

If Maury was ever to really have Drake on his show it would hands down be the highest-viewed episode of his entire career. 



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