When They Lost Vision...

My work with Compass school in Dorchester is something that I hold close to the vest. It's an outreach that's personal and is more about the kids who I have developed a relationship with for the last 18 months. 

I am highlighting them because the work they do is amazing. It's not even work, it's a passion to let groups of kids know that they can achieve..beyond their circumstances. 

I want to salute the young men's group we started this year. We had lunch, talked about real life, and in one session..Marvel vs DC.

When the guys started talking about whose powers were greater than whose, I helped break down how those powers applied to life. Their passion encouraged me to go see Avengers Infinity Wars.

The "takeaway line" for the movie encouraged me to use it as the center of my speech for the Violence Prevention ceremony.

"When there is no vision, the team perished"

See what Compass is all about here

A big shout to Jay and Kinta..they give these guys hope and humor to move through life. Salute!



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