The Mental Dropout

When Kanye dropped the College Dropout album, many thought we were looking at a genius. Kanye had become that breath of fresh air for many who thought the fate of hip hop was in serious decline. If you've ever heard his song "Breathe In-Breathe Out", one would know that there has always been two sides to Kanye's persona and his approach to life.

Kanye has always been his own man, but over the last few years, that has seem to have taken a one-way path. The day that he appeared at the microphone with a certain politician, it seems like many things changed for Kanye.

Now, there's an account of what was happening with Kanye between the sidekick appearance and last year. Cue the superhero: Kim Kardashian West.

The story is fascinating and can be read here


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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