Nelly Cuts Off Financial Ties To His Dad

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Nelly fans know that he recently decided to cut his father off financially after viewing an Instagram video of his dad hanging with his ex-girlfriend, Ashanti, backstage after her concert.

Ashanti talked to paparazzi as she made her way through LAX on Thursday, responding to finding out about her social media post led to Nelly severing ties with his father.

TMZ asked if the R&B singer saw Nelly publicly cut off his father and she replied, "Oh man." The paparazzi stated that people believe it was over the photo she posted and she replied, "I hope not."

Ashanti was asked if she cared and she replied, "I'm all about family sticking together and positivity and love."

Watch her response below and keep in mind that she has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so how could she not know!


Last Sunday, Nelly went off on his dad, Cornell Haynes Sr., after viewing an Instagram video posted by his ex-girlfriend, Ashanti. Nelly blasted his father and claimed he was cutting him off financially.

Ashanti had shared a video to her Instagram story that showed herself backstage at her show in St. Louis with Nelly's father. Nelly was enraged after seeing his father being so friendly with his ex and took to social media to react.

The "Country Grammer" rapper wrote that his dad was an absentee father when he was child. However, he still chose to help his father out as an adult.

As you can see from the Tweet below, Nelly obviously felt betrayed by his father for appearing so friendly with his former girlfriend. 


Ashanti and Nelly were together for 10 years before ending their relationship in December 2012. The pair remained pretty quiet on their split, but Ashanti hinted at "trust issues" playing a big part of the breakup.

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