That Bearly Worked!

Have you ever seen that episode of Martin where Martin Lawrence decides to open a restaurant and offers free meal vouchers?

Martin then realizes that people made photo copies of the vouchers and he had to close the business after one day..

The Build-A-Bear "Pay Your Age" campaign came pretty close to the same fate as Martin's badly thought out eatery.

Maybe Build-A-Bear should have only let adults pay for children. If a mother is 35 and is buying for two kids aged 5 and 3, she would pay $70 for the two bears instead of $5 and $3 respectively.

I mean, how does a one year old give money to a cashier..or even build the bear without the help of an adult?!?

Check out the story here and see what Build-A-Bear is doing to rectify the situation!


Photo Credits: Getty Images


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