Eye of The Tiger

Let's face it, since Tiger Woods seemed to disappear from the face of the golf map..watching the game hasn't been the same.

Tiger has tried comebacks and most of them ended with injury.

This past Sunday I looked at my phone to see what the PGA Championship leader board looked like. I had expected Tiger to fall back to earth and presumed that he was no longer in the hunt.


"OMGEEE..Tiger is only 2 off of the lead!"(I said to myself)

I immediately turned on the television and Tiger hits an approach shot that made it seem like it was 18 years ago. The reason why so many took an interest in the game.

I screamed " That's dead AF ON!"

"Plop!" Tiger's shot lands 2 feet from the cup! AMAZING!

Even though Tiger finished second, his performance was the answer of all the years of ridicule, tabloid attacks, loss of family, injury, and more. 

To me, Golf was the real winner of the PGA Championship..thanks to Tiger Woods turning back the clock!


Photo Credits: Getty Images


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