I have a friend named DJ Mano. 

Our friendship goes back at least 25 years.

I remember when Mano was dee-jaying in the Lower East Side of NYC about 15 years ago. He told me about this other guy who dj'ed with him name Idris. Idris was from England, but had no sign of an accent. 

Idris was also budding actor who drove this beater of a van to his dj gigs. 

He was commuting back and forth between Baltimore and NYC doing some acting work.

Mano said that Idris was a really good dj that rocked turntables well. 

It was also Mano that called and told me "If you have HBO, my DJ'ing partner just got a role on this show that's about to come out called The Wire, you should check it out!"

Uh, YEAH I watched The Wire..Like watching Tom Brady down by 4 and getting the ball back with 2:30 left in a game with 3 time outs (and the two minute warning!)

Now, Idris is well known and has become one of the best actors in the world.

Recently, there has been talk that his next major role will be as James Bond!

Idris had an interesting response..check it out here!


Photo Credit: Getty Images



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