When BBD Hit The Court...

So a little behind the scenes can be revealed about how The New 97.7 became involved with Michael Bivins' 50th Birthday celebration at Ramsey (Derby) Park on August 10th.

Michael Bivins asked us to be part of it. 

We were shocked that he even knew who we were! I mean, we've only been here for about 18 months..and Micheal has been a stellar representative of the city he loves with all his heart.

If you could see the smile on his face when he came to our studios, you'd think he was that 14 year old kid on the back of the "Candy Girl" album all over again. It was like coming to our station was a great joy for him.

It was even bigger for us.

In his giving spirit, Michael came bearing gifts for Kesha and I..we were just blessed to have him stop by.

We had a great conversation that didn't make it to air..we talked about the city, the station, and most importantly how he will NEVER let this city and his neighborhood be ignored.

On his birthday at Ramsey Park, the day was constructively busy. I ran the Facebook Live camera and co-hosted with Kesha the event to reveal the updates to Michael's basketball court. 

It was a who's who of both the Boston culture as well as internationally known figures who love what Michael does and who have love for Boston.

See the video below of the events as they took place on August 10th, 2018..Michael Bivins' 50th Birthday!


Photo Credit: Getty Images



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