Madonna Is A Plant

I don't watch the MTV Video Music Awards.

Not because I have an opinion about the show (like most), but because I was on vacation and missed seeing a single minute of it.

So, when I read that Madonna allegedly butchered up the Aretha Franklin tribute...I said to myself, 


Madonna said she was asked to offer some words about Aretha Franklin as ad lib to her duties for the night. 

I actually can believe that.

A little bit..the kind of little bit under the category of "a little bit pregnant"..

Remember the Prince tribute fiasco..or the Michael Jackson comments..or how about the dumb comments about outliving recently departed legends.

(Here comes the opinion piece portion)

Madonna struggles with her legacy because she's never recognized who (or what) put her on the map in the first place.

(Now back to some facts)

Remember "Burning Up", "Holiday", "Lucky Star"..thank "Jellybean" Benitez, one of the pioneer producers of early Hip Hop and Freestyle music.. "Borderline" is Jellybean and Reggie Lucas (as in the guy who played with Miles Davis and Mtume)  

The "Like A Virgin" album is nearly entirely produced by Nile Rogers from Chic.

So if Madonna is being "voluntold" to go out and destroy iconic legacies through performance, remember how you "Made it through the wilderness.."


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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