The Magical Season..The Magic Blanket

As a kid growing up in NJ, I would get teased about liking the Red Sox..Rice, Lynn, Yaz, Pudge, Hendu in '86, Oil Can, Boggs, Greenwell..

"How can you like the Red Sox?!?" Some friends would say..

It was mainly Jim Rice for me. 

It was a big deal to be the Left Fielder after Ted and Yaz.

When I worked for WILD-AM in the late 90's, I remember giving my dad a Red Sox hat. He wore it to work one day back in NJ..and they let him have it!

His response: "My son is there..and I like my son!" lol

A couple of years ago, my mom started making crocheted blankets for various families members. One day she turned to me and asked: "Which team would you like?"

Me: Red Sox

When I recently returned home, my mom presented me with this blanket. It's completely done by hand. Stitch by stitch the blanket is 6 feet by 6 feet. 

The retired numbers (through Big Papi) are included..just like the facade in Right Field (Dewey Evans).

A magical season and a magical blanket!

Thank you MOM!


Your Number One Son


Photo Credit: Regina Johnson 

KJ's Handmade Sox Quilt


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