The Freshman 15!

About two weeks ago, I helped move my daughter back into her college dorm for her last semester.

It was a labor of love.

Let's talk about the labor part for a second...

Thankfully, I had packed our SUV perfectly because we had to pick up items from two separate locations.

The tough part of the move was when we arrived to campus and believed that we had a shortcut all set up for us.

The shortcut was available, BUT the elevator would not come down to the ground, we had to take our items around the side of the building to gain access to elevator at the first floor.

It was just me and my daughter moving her in.

I did wonder why she didn't have a boyfriend all squared away to help out. It would have been worth the price of dinner (and a chance to pry a little bit)!

As students and families get ready to move their kids in, here's a great article that can help with the process of getting your child moved onto campus.

And remember..No Trucks on Storrow Drive! PLEASE! lol


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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