64 to 2,975..And Not Real Quick

The Drake song is called "Zero to 100" (Real Quick..Real.....Quick).

To get from zero to one hundred is only a count of 100 away.

However, the death toll in Puerto Rico went much further in its count. The original death count stood at 64 for months. It was hard to believe that only 64 people had died from such a massive hurricane that left the island without power...for months.

Again, Zero to One Hundred..not real quick.

Recently, rumors began to circulate that the death toll was actually in the thousands versus even double the original number (keep in mind that 64 times 2 equal 128...follow the logic coming..)

The actual death toll was 64 times 46=2,975 (its actually times 46.484375, so sadly I eliminated .484375 of a person..sorry)

So, who's really sorry? 

Clearly, the images and reports from the island suggested that there were bigger problems beyond just power outages and food shortages.

See the update here.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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