PETA Is Asking For Aretha Franklin’s Fur Coats

(Photo credit: Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images)

PETA has been known for going to some extreme measures to promote animal rights, including splashing paint on fur coats, but now they are just being plain ole disRESPECTful!!! 

The animal rights organization has sent a letter to Aretha Franklin's estate asking them to donate her large fur coat collection.

PETA Executive President Tracy Reiman said in a statement:

By donating Aretha Franklin’s fur coats to PETA, her family could expand her legacy of social justice to animals.

While we can’t bring back the animals who suffered and died for them, these coats can help others by providing some much-needed warmth to orphaned animals and humans in desperate need.

So let me get this straight......The Queen Of Soul, Miss Aretha Franklin hasn’t even been laid to rest and PETA is already asking for her belongings?!   

Your thoughts?


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