When 13 Feet Meets 10 Feet!

Storrowed (stoh-rohh-d) (verb): 1. when a truck gets stuck under an overpass.  2. a jackass at work

It's the most shocking time of the year. Where MIT, Harvard, BU, and more academic geniuses from across the world can't figure out this simple equation:

13 feet is greater than 10 feet.

13 feet is the average clearing height of a box truck commonly used for moving.

Most overpasses on Storrow Drive are between 10 feet and 12 feet.

Hence, (as to use in a sentence): "Many moving companies end up with damaged trucks because drivers storrowed the trucks while moving"

Or using definition #2:

"You Storrowed (Expletive)!, What..you can't do the math?"(maybe this is actually an adjective?)

It's nothing new. 

Just last week, a sneaker truck got Storrowed at about 4:30 in the morning. Guy must have never heard that the Pike has plenty of room..."Storrowed (Expletive)!"


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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