When You've Been Blessed!

When I first started watching Greenleaf, I became hooked immediately.

I was so excited about the show, that I told my wife that we could watch it together. She balked at first, then check it out on her own, then she became hooked too.

(See, I'm a good husband that tries to set up shared tv appointments with my wife during non football game days...)

 If you haven't check out the show(or need to catch up click here).

The BIG news for Season 3 is that Patti LaBelle is joining the cast for multiple episodes!

It will be worth watching..even just for the choir scenes!

I mean, have you seen the infamous Patti LaBelle clip singing the ABCs on Sesame Street?!?

Patti LaBelle was on The Morning Wake Up with KJ and Kesha discussing her love for the show Greenleaf. Here the audio listed below the Season 3 trailer for the show!




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