The Pats Run The Football World!

I remember during my drive up to Boston, I stopped in an area near Washington D.C. (where I used to live).

My friend and I decided to head to a sports bar, and I happened to have on some Patriots gear.

To my surprise, there were two other guys at the bar who were wearing Pats gear as well...

Me: "Are you from Boston?!?"

The Two Guys: "Yep!"

For me, I was surprised to see anybody with Pats gear in the heart of Redskins country.

Then again, I really wasn't surprised at all because a consistently great team will create a wide net of fans.

With that thought in mind, I found this map that breaks down the fan-dom across the United States!

We reach further than one may think!

Go Pats!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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