Who and What Are We Voting For Today?

Primary Day is upon us! 

Some pivotal races have received national exposure, while others have may have appeared at local events you've may have recently attended.

(I have seen at least two candidates at events that were non political..so, they've been out and about!)

Today is thee day. There may be a temptation to brush it off because of the impending start of school, adjusting from vacation, and other family matters.

Every election (big or small) matters. 

Have you ever thought about what could happen if a loved one was about to be prosecuted for a crime?!?

There's an election for that.

Or maybe you wonder if the school playground on your street will get some well needed maintenance?

There's an election for that too.

So, if you don't know who is running or what their beliefs are..

Here's a site that allows you to view the candidates, what they are running for, and quotes regarding their stance on various issues!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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