Taking It Back To The Old School! (Part 1)

One of the biggest parts to my story is when I was hired to work at the legendary WILD-AM in early 2000.

A guy named Elroy had been a mentor of mine for a few years at the time, and he recommended me to ownership without me knowing. I received a phone call out of the blue letting me know that they would like for me to come tryout for the morning show at WILD.

I may have been out of college for about 6 months and it was an opportunity of a lifetime to move to Boston.

I was staying at the hotel that's attached to Children's Hospital..and on some days I would walk out of Longwood, through Mission Hill, then through Dudley Square to 90 Warren St.

I usually did this in the summer months when I can to get to the station a little earlier because the sun rose sooner and the station could be turned on as soon as you had a clear sunrise.

Recently, I went through some boxes and was shocked to find that I had some of my WILD-AM tapes.

On this particular excerpt, my co-host Rose Arruda and I are talking about Erykah Badu and then a Stupid News story segment

Listen below to the full version of the Lost WILD tapes that I played on the air Wednesday 9/5/2018!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Audio Credit: KJ Carson archival files 


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