Taking It Back To The Old School (Part 2)

In part two of my lost WILD tapes, we were giving away a trip to Chicago to The Oprah Winfey Show.

In this one, my big brother Coach Willie Maye chimes in when Rose Arruda is trying to figure out a way to go on the trip.

Rose(y Posey) as I still call her, became a wonderful friend and healing spirit for me. When Rose and I reconnected, it happened to be for her birthday. We went to a Red Sox game together and didn't miss a beat in our lives from the previous 18 years. (See photo below)

It turned out that her birthday and my wife's birthday were a day apart.

I can admit that Rose is someone I make a point to go see and get my aura straightened. She is what I would call a dear friend!

I always wondered who won that trip to The Oprah Winfrey Show. It had been so long since I heard this tape of "The Coffee and Cream Team"..

There are so many stories I could tell..For now, take a trip back in time with 10-9-ohhh WILD!


Boom Box: Photo Credit-Getty Images

KJ and Rose: Photo Credit KJ Carson

Rose wonders why I didn't take the suite tickets that were offered!


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