Taking It Back To The Old School! (Part 3)

In early 2000, I remember getting a call from a reliable source in the Midwest that Luther Vandross had died. This would end up being several years before he passed away.

After finding out that the story wasn't true (one day I have to tell about the actual day we got the rumor..and who Jonathon Gates and myself were on the phone with!), my morning show decided to do a "fake wake" for Luther. We gave callers the opportunity to express their thanks to Luther...as if he had passed away.

A bit sick I know..

On my show at the time, a local comedian named Johnathon Gates would come by and hang out..he was like the 5th Beatle. Johnathon would go on to claim that he was the only one ever fired from WILD without ever working there. The guy is riot.

Johnathon was the first guy to take me around Mattapan and Dorchester when I first arrived in 2000. At times, he would ask me to get on stage at the Comedy Explosion that was on Sunday nights at Faneuil Hall. 

Johnathon and his wife opened their doors to their home to me for my first home cooked meal. In fact, when I returned last year Johnathon called me for an invite for Thanksgiving dinner. 

So, flashback to when Johnathon, myself, and Nikki Strong had fun with the listeners on Luther's "fake wake". The audio is below along with a picture from when we were judges for Kevin Hart's "Heart of The City" Boston tryouts in 2017.

My memories of 90 Warren St are fruitful. I am truly glad to be back in the Bean!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

KJ and Johnathon Photo: KJ Carson


KJ and Johnathon Gates in 2017


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