Will They Strike?

The excitement of starting a new school year.

Getting to bed at an unheard of time of night..and it's still technically summer..

As an adult, there's a part of me that misses those days.

The worst memory?

Missing the bus! 

That feeling of being in trouble or the look of a parent wondering why you didn't get it done that morning!

You had one job..

Imagine that you do everything right..get up on time..get to the bus stop on time (you always knew you did if there were at least 3 or more kids waiting as well), it's a good feeling for sure.

Well, buses have been late this year in Boston so far. That's not the unusual part. The unusual part is that a potential bus driver's strike could be looming. Are buses not showing up because of new routes..or is there a soft message being sent regarding the contract dispute?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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