He Created The Pride In Aggie..

Here is a brief list of people who have "Aggie Pride" instilled in them:

Jesse Jackson

Jazz legend Lou Donaldson

NBA Coaching Legend Al Attles

NBA Referee Hugh Evans

Taraji P Henson

Terrance J

The late Ronald McNair

RnB Singer Sybil

The list goes on. 

That list includes me and many friends of mine who chanted "Aggie Pride" so many countless times, that its become an international greeting among alumni..young and old. 

It's what bonds us.

The man who coined the phrase "Aggie Pride" was legendary basketball coach Don Corbett. As legend has it, in the late 70's Coach was asked to give a word to describe what the basketball team meant to the school.


The basketball arena was named after him..while he was still the head coach of the team. 

I began my career in television sports and one day I had a chance to interview him. The end of the interview...I will never forget. 

I mentioned to Coach that I did the newscasts on our college radio station (90.1 WNAA) together with one of his sons.

His son became a mentor of mine. He taught me how to fight for additional exposure when I got into this industry (his advice worked). We would end up working together again professionally before our travels took us to different places.

It's Coach Corbett's family that are in my thoughts right now. Their family gave so much of their lives so that we could instill what all Aggies have in them...Pride!

Thanks Coach!


Photo Credit: Getty Images  


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