Who Can Help After The Explosions?

There are no words to describe the images that flashed across my TV screen last night.

Multiple fires and chaos in North Andover, Andover, and Lawrence.

Nearly 8,000 gas meters were turned off and Lawrence went completely dark when it turned off its electricity as a protective measure against more fires.

Many people are displaced and are need of immediate items. As more reputable agencies announce what they are providing, we will keep you updated.

Here is what the Red Cross is providing at this time for people displaced from the massive gas fires and explosions.

My thoughts to the family who lost their son, and my kudos to the first responders who put everything into making sure all needs could be addressed.

That includes the neighbors who used monkey wrenches to turn off gas lines to other homes when the inhabitants didn't know how to do it themselves. They saved many lives yesterday as well.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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