How I Look Watching Ozark!

Although I am not the guy in the photo with the popcorn, I do feel his "memorization" looking at the TV screen!

Recently on our Facebook page, I asked The Best Show To binge-watch is __________?

The answers were incredible! From classic shows that I have watched to shows that were never on my radar.

One member mentioned a show called The Crown. The way she described the premise had me saying: "That's gonna be the next one".

The show that has me spellbound is Ozark on Netflix. I may be late to the party, but it may be the best series since Breaking Bad (IMO). It will only take one episode to get hooked! 

See the episode trailer below!

Binge watching keeps me out of mischievous behaviors while the family is away..

Then when the family is here, my wife mentions a TV show she's been binge-watching..and then I watch it with her.

Check out some of the suggestions that our fans left at our Facebook page and always feel free to join the movement..and the conversation!


Photo Credit: Getty Images



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