These Guys Better Be A Good Luck Charm..Or Else!

Dear Gawwwd here we go!

So, these three guys in Medford (Meh-fah) "claim" that they found the 2018 Red Sox AL East Champions banner in the middle of the road a couple of days ago.

The thing is..the Sox haven't clinched the AL East yet, and the banner has been revealed.


You don't hang out with your bride to be on your wedding day..

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth....

You don't pull on Superman's cape...

You don't spit into the wind...

You don't crown the Red Sox champions before they're THEE champions.

Look, the Red Sox will win the AL East, that's not my worry. My worry is if the Sox don't win it all, all heads will turn to Larry, Moe, and Curly and their little stunt.

We are superstitious people..

That's why there's a museum in Salem regarding superstition...

See the "bannergate" story here


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