A Free Day For Single Parents!

The event is free at The Boys and Girls Club on Talbot Ave. Sunday October 7th

Recently, a gentleman reached out to me about an event he was putting on. 

I immediately told him "LG, you got a great event here..how can I be of service?"

So, we set up a time to chat about his 3rd Annual Single Parents Appreciation Day that happens October 7th at The Boys and Girls Club on Talbot Ave.

The event is from 2-8pm and will be a day of excitement!

The event is FREE!

Yassss! The Bounce House will be there for the kids October 7th!

LG Mungo mentioned that he noticed the high number of single parents that were coming into his barbershop and wanted to do something for them. He knows about single parenting himself.

Check out the interview with LG Mungo below..and bring the kids through October 7th for a day of food, music, and fun!


Flier: Courtesy LG Mungo

Photo Credits: Getty Images



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