"I Like Beer..Do You Like Beer?"

They Like Beer....

Maybe the most ringing words from the Kavanaugh testimony was "I Like Beer..Do You Like Beer?"

Being the crack-staff journalist that I am..I discovered that September 28th is.....National Have A Beer Day.

While it's important to drink responsibly and to not drive afterwards, it's also good to know what's a good beer!

Beers Have A Cool Color Coding...

..I tend to like mine darker for a couple of reasons.

One, they're heavier and therefore one is enough. Secondly, I'm not in my 20's anymore, so one is enough...

A beer expert I am not. In fact, I think the last beer I had was Week 1 of the football season.

The way the Patriots are playing right now..I may have another one in Week 4!

What's the most popular beer

Ironically, it's the ONE I like!

Drink Responsibly..


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