When My Woman Wants To Meet The Other Woman

The normal response you get when you suggest a plural relationship!

Recently on the show, I read a dilemma letter from a guy named "Maurice". In the letter, Maurice mentioned that he is seeing two women. They both know about each other, but his "main one" wanted to have dinner and meet the other one. 

Maurice could not figure out if he should do it, or if he was being set up. Hence, why he reached out to us.

Many times, I can only run a call or two at a time because of time constraints on the morning show....

"Maybe I should call..ah, I can leave a Facebook comment..I gotta run and catch the T"

...and then many comments come in through our Facebook page where you can check out what's happening in Boston, on the station, and more.

Check out some exclusive audio never heard before below.

Included are my responses to comments left on our Facebook page along with calls that didn't make it to air or the unedited version of calls!

Is it possible that Maurice's two women already know each other..and he's being set up?


Photo Credits: Getty Images


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