Situations When We Sugar-Coat How We Really Feel

Photo Credit: Aaron Amat/Getty Images

A new survey found the average person has to "sugar-coat" how they really feel 11 times a week, either to avoid offending someone, or to not rock the boat.

Here are the ten most common times we feel like we can't say what we really think:

1.  When you have to tell someone what you think of their cooking.

 2.  When a friend asks if you like their outfit.

 3.  When your significant other asks how they look.

 4.  When someone shows you a photo of their baby.

 5.  When there's something wrong with your food at a restaurant.

 6.  When customer service keeps you on hold for a long time.

 7.  When your significant other is critical of you in some way.

 8.  When you get a bad cup of coffee.

 9.  When there's a baby around that won't stop crying.

 10.  When someone at work asks you to do something unreasonable. 


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