Who's In Charge Of Thinking?

Kanye asks "Y'all Wanna See The Sunken Place?, Ok, I'm gonna listen to y'all"

To say that Kanye is polarizing is an understatement.

In the years that I have followed Kanye, I would rank his most challenging events in this order:

1) Death of His Mother

2) The Car Accident

3) 9/29/18 SNL

4)Taylor Swift

You notice that a certain name is not mentioned in these four events because in my opinion, this is about Kanye West and not what he believes (or for that matter what he believes people should believe).

During his performance on SNL this past Saturday, Kanye paused the performance and began to explain and describe "the mind of Kanye" (warning: language)


Kanye asks a question that has to do with the human condition. Do you think for yourself, or do others dictate how you should think?

I give me father a lot of credit for telling me that TV can make you dumb...that's why I limit my watching to scripted non-network shows and live sporting events. Even pro-wrestling of the 70s and 80s had over arching themes that touched upon race, politics, class, and vanity.

In today's climate, who thinks for who? I recently had a conversation with a friend who in the middle of a having a frank conversation said" You know, you really can't talk this way with many people nowadays!"

Why is that?

I've had to buck my stereotypes regarding how I speak, the various music styles I like, and even when I was a cigarette smoker in my younger years..my choice to smoke Marlboro Lights.

I mention this to say I have been typecast or called "different" because I didn't partake or indulge in "the things I was supposed to do". There's nothing wrong with thinking for yourself. People are always going to either agree or disagree with everything you say or do..especially the bigger in popularity you become.

Kesha and I had a chance to expand our thoughts on Kanye's latest "rank" and you'll be surprised at what we reveal. Check out the unfiltered conversation below!


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