The Move To Stop The Violence In Boston

Violence prevention programs can help eliminate an easy pipeline to the prison system.

October 2nd is the International Day of Non-Violence, and I wanted to share an excerpt of a recent conversation I had with Boston's Monica Cannon-Grant.

Monica heads up Violence in Boston Inc, a non profit that addresses violence in affected communities. Part of their mission is to spotlight some of the economic inequities that communities face along with the issues of violence. You can hear some of of conversation below:

A major kudos to all the various entities throughout Boston that use their time, talents, and energies to keep our community safe. 

So as the song "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" goes:

"Piece of what?

You can't mean P-E-A-see-E

Cause I've seen people on the streets

Shoot the next man and turn around and say peace

But that's leaving people in pieces

It's not what the meaning of peace is

To me it means the absence of all confusion

Not the oozing and brusing" -Large Professor/Main Source


Photo Credits: Getty Images


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