Build It and They Will (Have To) Come!

This should be the official state bird of Massachusetts..

I remember when I got off the plane on my return to Boston in 2017, I wondered "What could have possibly changed since 2000?"

The first thing that I noticed was the amazing amount of cranes in the sky.

So many of them, I think Solange sang a song about Boston and the building boom!

One of the biggest voices you hear about the increased housing that's going up is the cost and availability.

On Tuesday, 15 area towns and cities have recognized the massive demand for housing in the area. 

Housing has become so expensive that some people are reportedly using these as a form of dwelling!

Check out the article here outlining what 15 towns and cities are speeding up the home building process, and how many these towns and cities plan to build.


Photo Credits: Getty Images


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