Stage Your Bedroom For The Best Sex You Ever Had

Photo by: David Prado/Getty Images

Want to heat things up in the bedroom? An intimacy coach by the name of Lia Holmgren says it’s as easy as making a few tweaks to the actual bedroom. She gives her clients boudoir makeovers and says she looks for “ways to make it sexy, cozy and personal.” And apparently we can DIY with her top three tips.

  • Find your color - Holmgren says new hues can make a big difference, even down to your light bulbs. She advises swapping white bulbs for yellow- or orange-hued ones, and she says “you want to cuddle when you’re in that kind of light.” This sexpert also suggests changing the color of your sheets to earth tones which are “comforting and grounding” and avoiding so-called “sexy” red, she calls the shade “very outdated.”
  • Use common scents - If you’re using candles to set the mood and they’re scented, Holmgren suggests making sure they actually smell good first. Good scents to try are vanilla, eucalyptus, or jasmine, because they’re “just stimulating enough to create a pleasant atmosphere,” she says.
  • Consider the bench - When it comes to furniture, you’ll want your bed, of course, but you may want to add a piece you hadn’t thought of before: a bench. The intimacy coach explains, “It can be great to help people discover new angles.”


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