That's Just My Baby Daddy

A Father and His Child..or a Girl and Her Dad..

The term "Baby Daddy" is one of disrespect. Period.

It's used to actually demean the child more than anyone else. 

When does the word "mom" or "dad" have an adjective? 

When there's action.

A "stepmom" or "stepdad" implies that a marriage has occurred and hence the need for an adjective.

So, technically the term "baby daddy" is grammatically incorrect because you have double nouns.

Unless the dad is literally a baby, then we'd have a medical miracle at hand.

This girl is older than a baby, yet too young to be a "momma". Baby Momma's and Baby Daddy's are grammatically incorrect..and condescending terms!

Recently, a lawyer with the Boston Housing Authority decided to describe a living situation as having a baby daddy as the partner of the woman in the case the lawyer was investigating. Check out the story here.

Offensive and dumb. 


Photo Credits: Getty Images



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