72 Degrees of Heat or 72 Degrees of AC?!?

Up until last week, people have been playing "chicken" with their heat. With temps nearing 90, do you put that window unit back in?

Last week I started making the post summer adjustments. 

Off went the AC unit and on came the consistent fans (I like to run one fan blowing in one window, and another fan blowing out another). 

Gone was the shorts to bed and out came the long sleeve pj's...

I mean, it is October right?

Then one night I realized that the fans were going , I was ABOVE the covers, and I had the October PJs going (Pats current color top with the late 90's Pats color bottoms)..and I was SWEATING!

It got me to thinking...maybe I should just run the AC unit all year round..I mean 72 degrees is 72 degress right? lol

Check out the video below if you're about to make that move to turn on the heat..afterall, you know what they say about weather in New England.."if you want it to change, stick around for 15 minutes..you might get it!"


Photo Credit: Getty Images



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