Just In Case(logic)!

You can still hear that sound of death when this starting eating your favorite cassette!

Have you ever heard of the term "audiofile"? 

It's a person who collects all things audio...records, cds, record players, cd players, and yes cassette decks and cassettes.

That's me.

Even though my cassette collection has dwindled over the years, I actually still have a wall of cassettes!

What do I play them on? 

A Teac model that's one of the earlier "Auto Reverse" joints....I still clean the heads and everything. It plays just fine!

One of the cassettes that I've held onto for many years is Mary J Blige's "What' The 411?" I have that album in every form (LP, CD, Cassette). Here's a track from that album: 


Here's another cassette that I still have and almost snapped..but was able to save with the pencil! lol


So, bust out the pencils and save a cassette if you can!

And check out the Top Cassettes of the 1980's here!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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