We Won't Stop Until Pre-Mature Births End

Many of you may know that my immediate family is not here with me in Boston because of the great task at hand..

To make sure this station gets a chance to make its rightful impact in Boston.

Our family mission has been to promote healthy moms and healthy babies through the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes provided one of the most vital pieces that kept my marriage together. A journal.

It gave my wife a chance to get her feelings out at a time when I didn't know what the right questions were to ask my wife..or whether to even ask a question at all. When your child goes through a traumatic birth, emotions can go everywhere. That can potentially become dangerous.

Our work with The March of Dimes is about sharing our lives in the hopes that more lives can be saved from the effects that premature births can have.

So, after the ladies  arrived at Logan on Friday 10/19, I brought Sarah and Regina by the new 97.7 studios..they had only been to the old one to this point: 

The March of Dimes Black Ties For Babies/Battle of The Chefs Gala

The event on Saturday 10/20 is one I will never forget as long as I live.

As parents, we didn't know how Sarah would hold up. The video presentation and our speech on stage was slated to happen around 9:30 pm. We weren't sure how sleepy Sarah would be after all the energy she had spent starting at 6:00 that evening.

Sarah Actually Started Singing With The Band "Hot Mess"..Sarah Would Soon Discover That The Mic Was Only A Prop!
Sarah and Regina At UMass Club For The March of Dimes Gala
Sarah and I at The March For Babies Gala

It is an honor for us to be the Ambassador Family for 2018 here in Boston.  The relationships and foundation we have been able to build has been amazing. 

We won't stop until there's an end to premature births..and each day we are getting closer to our goal.

I won't stop in the name of my wife (and all the moms-to-be) in the effort for everyone of them to have a chance at a healthy pregnancy (and healthy babies).

Join the mission here!

Regina, Sarah, and Dad at Logan Before Returning Back To NC

So, Monday 10/21 came and it was time to get the girls back to Logan. I would take them to the airport before I came into work. We were in constant thanksgiving for the ability to share our lives for a great cause.

It was certainly tough to see them go back to NC, but just like our campaigning for The March of Dimes..

We're one day closer to our goal as a family!


Photo Credits: KJ Carson

March of Dimes Photo Credit: Getty Images


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