Porchéa Collins

The New 97.7 Woman Of The Week - Week Of November 5, 2018

Name: Porchéa Collins
From: Hyde Park, MA

About Woman Of The Week: Porchéa is a single mother and an Autism Parent. She moved to Boston from Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2011. She has 2 Masters Degrees in Special Education and Social Psychology. Porchéa is a passionate independent advocate for children and youth, including her own children, with special needs and/or whom are considered to be “at risk.” Porchéa also makes time to counsel families of the children and youth she is assisting. She extends her services and networks with school, medical providers and social services agencies throughout Boston and surrounding cities.

Porchéa has spent the last 19 months reclaiming her health from a very serious medical condition while maintaining a chronic medical condition. She has prioritized having a healthy mind, body and spirit. Porchéa knows she cannot take care of her family or help others unless she is healthy. She does part of this by faithfully going to the gym 3 to 5 days a week for 2 to 3 hours. Porchéa also is makes sure she sees her medical providers as needed or required and in an effort to keep healthy has taken on a vegan and a holistic health lifestyle since early 2017.

Porchéa’s Quote: “You have to thank God every morning for another day and make a conscious decision every day to maintain your own positive energy and positive vibes in order to have peace in your life.”

Favorite 97.7 Artists: Aaliyah, John Legend, Miguel

Congratulations to Porchéa Collins, our New 97.7 Woman Of The Week!
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