So, When Is The Next Dance Party?!?

From what I remember, this was only at about 9:30-9:45pm! lol

When Chris Malone gets this face know the party is heading into overdrive!

I have to be honest....I remember introducing the SOS Band, the many camera phones that involved selfies throughout the night (including a person having to use 3 different cameras to take one picture), a person who told me they knew my cousin that lived here in Boston, a guy in a fly zuit suit, a listener who told me that I reminded them of their big headed little brother, and the smiles on so many people's faces.

The fact that I was going to keep a good supply of Pedialyte nearby was repeated to me. 

So maybe I remembered more than I thought.

The smiling faces, the great music, and beautiful people..even the security guy who asked us as we were leaving..

"Who ya bringing next?!?"

Stay Tuned..We Already Know!


Photo Credits: Chris Malone/977 WKAF

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