Taisha Crayton

The New 97.7 Woman Of The Week - Week Of November 12, 2018

Name: Taisha Crayton
From: Dorchester, MA

About Woman Of The Week: Entrepreneurial Leader, Motivational Speaker, and CEO of NOTYARC Management Group, Taisha Crayton is inspiring individuals across the world to build their own way to success.

Taisha Crayton was born in Dorchester,and is a happily married wife of 20 years and proud mother of three amazing children; her life’s greatest joys. She happens to also be the CEO of NOTYARC Management Group, a project and program management consulting firm that specializes in representing owners in Construction and Technology projects. Taisha has developed a reputable reputation as a thought leader and the woman who “Gets it done!” Taisha believes that creating synergy amongst all stakeholders is necessary to successfully fulfill a client’s vision. 25+ years of expertise in construction management, business process improvement, and program management qualifies her to be a trusted advisor to her clients and she stands by the voice of her customer.

Prior to transitioning to her own consulting firm NOTYARC, Taisha was a Deputy Director at the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM). She managed the operations and policies governing the Contractor Certification Office. In this capacity, she approved the certifying of experienced and responsible contractors seeking to bid and perform work on billions of dollars of vertical public construction projects throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 2007, with just $21 and her household cleaning supplies, Taisha began her journey of entrepreneurship. Taisha and her husband both lost their six figure salaries. Looking for an opportunity to earn income to just keep the lights on and save their home from foreclosure they began to clean properties. Although it wasn’t much at first, within three years the company was awarded a government contract. They represented agencies, lenders, and real estate companies on small to large scale construction projects on both vacant and tenant occupied properties yielding the company over $2 Million in gross revenues.

In December 2017 Taisha put her experiences on paper in hopes to help other individuals began their own journey to demolishing barriers and building life their way. She released her first book titled, Build Your Own Way – Demolish Barriers and Discover the Power of You. In Build Your Own Way, Taisha weaved a compelling narrative of how she too was bound by restrictive barriers that kept her in poverty, depressed and seeking a better way of life. Taisha shares some lessons and principles she lives by that afforded her a change in the trajectory of her life. She has become a sought out global speaker that inspires all who hear her to be motivated to change their own path of life and build their own way to success.

In January 2014 Taisha co-authored a book titled, Masterminds of Mentorship and Human Motivation. It is a collaborative writing of African American authors that provide life experience lessons teaching individuals on how to be the change they seek.

Taisha’s own personal childhood story gave her a passion to want to help youth of underserved communities that need role models, mentors and advocates. In 2018 she was recently appointed to the board of directors of New Heights Charter School. New Heights Charter School is an Early College High School that allows all students to take college classes for free while still in high school.

Taisha graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems from Northeastern University. She has also studied at Dartmouth College, TUCK business school at Dartmouth College and received a certificate in Building a High-Performance Minority Business. Taisha is an alumnus of the Minority & Women Business Programs of Suffolk Construction, Turner Construction, Gilbane Construction and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Taisha has achieved high levels of success as a trailblazer in project manager, program leadership, and as a minority and woman owned business enterprise.

Favorite 97.7 Artists: Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston


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