Why Cyber Monday Is Dangerous..

Have you seen the movie "Brewster's Millions"? 

Richard Pryor has 30 days to spend $30 million dollars..or lose the entire inheritance(a much larger amount).

At first Pryor thinks this will be easy to do..then he realizes that he doesn't have enough time in a day to spend that much money!


Thanks to online stores, Richard Pryor would have been able to spend Brewster's Millions in no time at all!

That's what makes Cyber Monday so difficult for some. 

It's like Brewster cut another check just to shop online.

I refuse to use my computer at work to check out deals...or seem like I have pressing business on my phone...that requires me to constantly scroll down!

If you are going to go Cyber Monday crazy, here are the busiest times of the day!

Happy Shopping!


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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