A Sickle Cell Cure?

I haven't watched 60 minutes in while, but the time change had me more alert than usual. I was amazed that Sickle Cell Disease was the featured story for the show because it's one of the main diseases that seems to lack public awareness. So, I sat up (again, I live in a studio that can't fit a full couch) in my bed and began to watch how a scientist described how a single misplaced letter in a gene pattern could be the answer to curing Sickle Cell Disease!

I was in tears. When you get to hear the stories of kids and adults fighting everyday through the pain (and at times not being believed that they are in pain), the 60 Minutes piece made me feel like I was witnessing a miracle. Proponents in the fight against Sickle Cell will tell you about how securing funding for research has been an uphill battle.

I had a chance to speak to Jacqueline Haley of The Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association on the eve of their annual scholarship awards and gala. I had the honor to be a co-host for the event in 2018, and our efforts to beat this disease looks like it's gain the steam that it needs.

Check out the 60 Minutes post discussions with patients from the story as well as my conversation with Jackie Haley of GBSCDA.




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