I Heart Boston

As the new guy in Boston, I'm often as by lifelong Bostonians "how do ya like here?". My response is immediate and positive "I LOVE BOSTON". Since we are dealing with 'wicked summah' heat and forecasters are predicting a nasty Nor'Easter season, I decided to take a pause in the middle and reflect on my second year in New England. 

Here's why I heart Boston (TOP 10):

1. People - I've met some of the nicest, genuine, and fiercely loyal people here in this city. There's no fake or phony people here and honestly they wouldn't last long, that's just how REAL and TRUE people are in Boston. 

2. Sports - It's a thrill to live in the City of Champions! My heart is where there's a basketball court and I've adopted the Celtics as my 'home away from home' team and of course the Sox make for a great night out.

3. Music - There's rich music history here from pop, R&b, rock, and beyond. When I first got here people told me "R&B will never work in Boston" and we proved them wrong!! 

4. Talent - The number of talented artists, builders, chefs, entrepreneurs, DJ's, fellow radio personalities, singers, writers, and etc is endless! This city is bursting with lots of talented people and so ready to share their gifts with everyone. Think about it: New Edition, the group Boston, Billy Squire, Donna Summer, Mark Wahlberg - talent runs deep here!

5. Big city/small city - It's funny, when I mention Boston to my family and friends down South - they joke "Oh you're a BIG city boy now!"..Yes, Boston is one of the largest cities in the world, but it has a small town vibe. You can know everybody and nobody at the same time. 

6. Entertainment - In the last two years, I've seen more concert than I've seen all my life! So many quality R&B shows are starting to come to the city and this make me so proud!

7. Weather* - This one is tricky because I'm not a fan of snow, but fortunately the snowy season ends on time :) Spring and early summer here in New England is the absolute best compared to everywhere I've lived. 

8. Beaches - If you're fortunate enough to live in a city with a beach within driving distance, you are LUCKY! This is my first and I promise you it's the perfect escape when you need to 'chill' and take a break from the grind of life.

9. Food - Clam Chowder, Italian Sausages, Boston beans -- I'll take it all, all the time!!

10. Culture - There's a different vibe, a different culture in the city that can't be duplicated anywhere else. From Chinatown, the Carnival on Blue Hill Ave, the Marshfield Fair, and beyond -- there's a lot of cultural diversity here that doesn't exist anywhere else.

Thank you Boston for embracing me, Chris Malone, since day one! Thank you for supporting this radio station that we work hard to build up each and every day. Lastly, THANK YOU for making this a city that I love. I Heart Boston!

Chris Malone Taking You Home

Chris Malone Taking You Home

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